Air crash of 13 August 2022 at Lake Powell, Arizona, USA

by | 1 Sep 2022

Le Tutour Avocats is exploring, with its American colleagues, the liabilities incurred following the plane crash of 13 August 2022 in Lake Powel, Arizona, in the United States, which caused the dramatic death of two people and serious injuries to others on board.

It appears that the victims were on a trip to the western United States organised by the tour operator TUI, through its subsidiary Nouvelles Frontières. The flight was reportedly offered as an option by the tour operator.

The plane, a Cessna 207A, is said to have crashed into the water following a technical problem.

Did the tour operator check the claims history of the air carrier? On what basis did it place its trust in the airline?

We have been cooperating for several years with American lawyers, eminent specialists in aviation law in the United States, in order to obtain the best possible compensation for our French customers and to avoid such tragedies in the future.