Compensation of bodily injury as a result of a road traffic accident in France – double legal interest rate due by the insurer  –  Judgment of the Court of Cassation of October 6, 2022

The double legal interest rate applicable to an insurer who failed to make an offer of compensation to the victim of a road traffic accident is distinct to the order to pay compensation to the victim of a road traffic accident. Only the insurer who did not make a compliant offer to the victim is...

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Air transport accident and referral to the CIVI

In its judgement dated 10 February 2022 (No. 20-20.814), the Second Civil Chamber of the French Cour de Cassation (Supreme Court) ruled on the link between an action brought by an air accident victim against an air carrier and the referral made by the same victim to the Commission d'indemnisation...

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BEA warns against wake turbulence

The French Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses pour la Sécurité de l'Aviation Civile ("BEA") has highlighted, in its 2021 activity report, the existence of a phenomenon that is little known within the aviation community: wake turbulence. Wake turbulence is aerodynamic turbulence that forms behind an...

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