PIP breast implants

Claim against TÜV Rheinland, PIP’s notified body which certified its pre-filled silicone breast implants

Le Tutour Avocats acts before the tribunal of Nanterre, France for 1300 English and Australian plaintiffs who have been fitted with defective PIP IMGHC breast implants against TÜV Rheindland (its German and French subsidiairies) for their failures in certifying the implants.

For years, the PIP company marketed breast prostheses pre-filled with a non-compliant and homemade gel, generating an abnormally high rate of rupture of the envelope and the subsequent propagation of an untested gel in the body. TÜV Rheinland has certified these implants for 13 years and has never detected any anomaly in the manufacturing process that allowed the free circulation of these products.

Several French court decisions were rendered against the notified body :

The French Cour de Cassation will soon issue an additional decision on the liability of TÜV Rheinland.

 Around 400,000 women worldwide have held PIP implants.

Contact : Solenn Le Tutour, avocate au barreau de Paris and Solicitor of England & Wales (NP)