Liability of French public bodies

French law firm intervening in liability of French bodies cases

Le Tutour Avocats assists victims of accidents caused by public bodies.

The firm represents its clients in the context of accidents caused by:

  • Hospitals (medical liability with or without fault, malpractice by doctors or any medical staff employed in a public hospital, liability of the SAMU (French emergency medical service), etc.)
  • Fire brigade administration (called “SDIS” in French for “Departmental Fire and Rescue Services) (faults committed by firemen during a rescue operation, faults in the organization of the service, faults in the use of rescue resources, faults in the treatment of alerts, etc.)
  • Municipalities (when the municipality if the owner of defective equipment, owner of public works, municipality of the location of a harmful rescue operation, etc.)
  • Public or private persons involved in public works,
  • Etc.

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Examples of cases

  • Action against a public fire service following a paragliding accident.
  • Claim against a French public hospital following medical malpractice.
  • Procedure against a French public hospital following a delay in diagnosis.