Webinar on Virtual Justice in France, UK & US: Status & Challenges of Remote Hearings & Trials

by | 20 Jun 2020

Courts and Tribunals have had to find solutions to comply with social distancing requirements during the coronavirus crisis

Hearings and trials are a moment of debate where, the substance of the law,  the voice, the intonation, the language of the body have their importance to carry the conviction of the judge. So how have courts and tribunals adapted to remotedly recreate the contradictory debate ? What should be kept out of this experience ?

This is the subject of our discussion at this webinar on 29th June 2020 at 4:30 pm (UK time) organised by the Paris-London Commission of the Paris Bar and the British Institute of International Comparative Law (BIICL). French, British, American judges and lawyers will confront their experience of remote justice.

Webinar organised by the London-Paris Commission of the Paris Bar and BIICL.